Sunday 28 October 2012


last weekend was our first beach swim of the season. it was a super hot day, so we went with some friends to one of sydney's beautiful 
harbour beaches - parsley bay. such a lovely spot, very peaceful. it was a little cold in, but very refreshing once you'd been in for a bit.

this particular beach is about less than a 15 min drive from our place, so i'm sure we'll be back again as the weather gets warmer. i 
really missed swimming in the sea when we lived in london. there's just something so nice about it.

i've also been trying to get to the pool twice a week to swim laps. it's a very nice way of exercising.


  1. Melanie, the clarity and texture in that first photo is so wonderful. I feel like I could dive right into it.

  2. sounds like a lovely spot. love these shots!

  3. second photo: amazing and such good timing!

  4. a gorgeous beach just 15 minutes away! what a dream. certainly looks it. we have a great beach here too (that actually looks a lot like yours, with rocks instead of sand) that we enjoyed during the summer, but of course the water is so cold now that i imagine icebergs would survive in it!