Wednesday 27 March 2013

looking forward...

in my last post i talked about being excited for summer in europe, however, i must say i'm rather looking forward to autumn showing 
up here in sydney. it's been rather hot recently - 30 degrees here today, a stark contrast to the snowy pictures i've seen from across 
europe. i'm looking forward to autumn sunshine and cool, crisp air, wearing silk shirts and cardigan layers. i'm also looking forward to 
dressing Theodore in some cute outfits. he's been given so many beautiful things, the boy has a bigger wardrobe than me! 

Friday 22 March 2013

summer in europe - booked!

last week we booked tickets back to europe! we'll be travelling for a month from the end of july till the end of august. i'm already 
super excited! we're calling our trip: le tour de Teddy :) it's a chance for all our friends and family in london and france to meet our 
little guy and for us to show him off. we'll also spend some time holidaying in italy. it will be interesting travelling with a 5 month old.. 
but i guess at least he won't be too mobile  yet. if anyone has any tips on travelling with babes, let me know!

photos above from my archive: south of france a number of years ago in the winter time.

have a great weekend everyone.

Monday 18 March 2013

introducing Theodore

so our little boy Theodore decided to arrive over 2 weeks early! Teddy arrived on Thursday 21st February at 1:53am. a little, beautiful 
boy weighing only 2.6kg and 47cm long. i had quite a complicated and slightly traumatic birth experience, but hey - we made it and 
look at the beautiful healthy package that arrived at the end. 

Teddy will be 4 weeks on Thursday! boy, that last  month has flown by. we're getting used to life as three and finding a routine. it's 
taken me a bit of time to recover, but i feel more like myself everyday. 

i probably won't be here too often in the next little while, this little guy seems to fill my days without even trying :) 
we're going to enjoy each others company and it's so fascinating seeing how much Theodore changes and develops day-to-day, week-
to week. in the next week or two he should start smiling. i can't wait for that.

i'm a bit more active on instagram, so join me there.. i apologise in advance for all the baby photos. i just can't help myself.

m + t xx