Friday, 22 March 2013

summer in europe - booked!

last week we booked tickets back to europe! we'll be travelling for a month from the end of july till the end of august. i'm already 
super excited! we're calling our trip: le tour de Teddy :) it's a chance for all our friends and family in london and france to meet our 
little guy and for us to show him off. we'll also spend some time holidaying in italy. it will be interesting travelling with a 5 month old.. 
but i guess at least he won't be too mobile  yet. if anyone has any tips on travelling with babes, let me know!

photos above from my archive: south of france a number of years ago in the winter time.

have a great weekend everyone.


  1. have fun!! :) hopefully this summer will be beautiful, we've been waiting so long! :)

  2. Oh he's coming here for a tour ? So great. More pictures of him please. Hope you're fine.xx

  3. Sounds amazing and I am so jealous - would love to espace the Australian winter!!
    Enjoy! Kristina x

  4. That is incredible that you are travelling for a month with Teddy!! It's the best time to do it! They don't need much and he will LOVE being with you all the time! And I think it would make an impression on him subconsciously, all the travelling, being in new places and constantly meeting new people! It's what I like to believe anyways! I hope our travelling made an impression on Ellie!