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And here begins my photos from our recent European holiday! I'm excited to share my film photos on here. I've only had three rolls developed so far - another 10 to go! So no excuses for not updating this old blog.

We started our 4.5 week trip in Paris. We had a really great time and surprisingly we got over jet lag pretty quickly.
We visited old and new places, ate great food, caught up with a few friends and did lots of walking.

I've just realised the top two photos almost fit together exactly! Views from Pompidou - I think some of the best views of Paris. We were lucky enough to catch the last days of a wonderful exhibition on the work of Le Corbusier. We really enjoyed the show and Teddy managed to sleep in his pram the whole time. Win win. 

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The boy and I...

On my days off, Teddy and I like to spend a good part of the day outdoors. We often head to the big local park, choose a section and explore. Things are warming up in Sydney, so we'll no doubt be heading the the beach to dig in the sand and splash in the ocean. Fun times!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Friday, 11 September 2015

I'm back...

Hmmm.. Well that was a long break that I didn't mean to take. Life got busy and then we went to Europe for just under 5 weeks. I took a lot of photos whilst we were away. It was inspiring to see and explore new places. I'm in the process of having all my film developed. But I'll be back here publishing posts regularly.

Above shots taken in winter. You can tell by the light can't you? It's spring in Sydney now and everything is bright and new.
I like the moodiness of these and it's always amazing to see how the light differs from season to season. 

Hi to any of you out there!

M xx