hi, my name is melanie and i take lots of photos and am inspired by things i see everyday. i have recently 
returned to sydney, after almost five years of living and working in london.

i mostly shoot on film and use a range of cameras, including my yashica t4, canon ae-1, holga and lomo lc-a. 
when shooting digital i use a nikon d80 or canon powershot s95.

i'm interested in all sorts of photography projects, so get in touch if you'd like to work with me. 

to see more of my work, visit my website: www.melaniejwatkins.com 
and if you're interested in purchasing any of my photos, visit my print shop.

you can also find my work in:

Bliss Magazine, Issue 3
Frankie Magazine, Issue 49
Yen Magazine, Issue 58
Frankie Magazine, Issue 48
Yen Magazine, Issue 45

and interviews here:

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thanks for visiting.