Friday, 26 October 2012

take 5

boy is time flying, this year has gone so quickly - don't you think? i can't believe we're almost in november.

i must say i'm feeling a little tired and uninspired by my photo work. i guess we all have our moments.. i've still got photos to share, 
but i'm not always happy in what i get back from the developers. hmmmm. it's funny i've got a craving to be creative, but i don't know 
how to satisfy this craving.. anyway food for thought.

this is a slightly random post - in photos and words.

happy weekend everyone!


  1. Your second last photo has made me think that in Dublin there are always shoes left on the side of the road and I'd love to come upon something different (a picnic hamper?) for once!
    When I feel uninspired (and I cannot buy a new camera!) I use a film I've never used before. Usually it works! Have a great weekend!

  2. Maybe you should make a movie! (Don't you hate when people respond to blog posts with unasked-for advice - it's just that I think you'd be great at it!)