Tuesday, 23 October 2012

outtakes: blue mountains

i didn't mean to disappear for the week, but things have been busy around here... more on that later in the week.
these are the last few images from our weekend away. i've just finished a new roll of film, so will have more from life in sydney to 

life in sydney is good, we're happy we made the move back here. i miss my friends back in london and also miss our frequent jaunts to 
europe. but that said i feel happy and it also helps to be planning a trip to europe in summer next year - i'm already excited.

hope you're happy wherever you are in the world.

m x

p.s thanks as always for visiting and taking the time to comment. i'm sorry i don't always reply. i need to make more time to do this 
and also visit more of your blogs too.


  1. That flower is quite special, the light is your pictures is pretty awesome!

  2. oh my gosh, such beautiful photos! I particularly like the second. very jealous of all the sun


  3. i really love the first picture! i've always loved light&shade!

  4. i've been really bad at commenting and replying and also behind with all my blog reading, see how late all of my comments are? anyways i hope all is well on your end, we should do sydney blogger catch up again some time :)

  5. loving the pictures as always, and excited to hear that you are planning a trip back here next summer! maybe we will get a chance to meet somewhere :)