Thursday 10 July 2014

Traveling with bébé

Looking back at these photos, has reminded me how little and young Theodore was when we holidayed in Europe. Polo and I were laughing at the photos and the things we did with him, including: spending an entire day beach hopping on a boat, hiking in the mountains, catching chairlifts with him strapped in a baby carrier, spending days at the beach and visiting restaurants for lunch and dinner. I'm glad we did all these things and it was actually the perfect age - 5 months. Doing those things now, with a 16 month old would be totally different.. I don't think we could do them all / they wouldn't be as enjoyable. Teddy is at the age now, that we wants to explore and run around. 

We're heading to Bali in August for a week. We've found a great villa with our own pool (16 metres long!!) and a lovely tropical garden. It will be a different holiday, maybe not as relaxing as past holidays, but having our own pool will be wonderful. My sister and cousin are also coming, so hopefully they'll be happy to babysit a couple of nights, so Polo can I have some relaxing dinners :)

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