Friday 22 November 2013

our last beach day

we spent our last day in Sardinia at... surprise, surprise, the beach! we rented sun beds and umbrellas, read books, chatted, swam, 
snacked, played cards and snoozed. it's a good thing Teddy was only 5 months old and not that mobile, doing that holiday now that 
he's crawling and standing, would have been a totally different story :)

we absolutely loved our time in Sardinia. i would highly recommend it. we loved spending 10 whole days and nights with our best 
friends, catching up and laughing. it was hard to say goodbye the next day, but luckily we get to see them again soon.

these are my last colour photos of Sardinia. i still have some b&w films to develop. next stop is Annecy and the French Alps.

hope you've enjoyed exploring Sardinian beaches with me.

1 comment:

  1. Mel I loved all the photos you showed us, thanks so much for taking us on a great virtuell trip. Your pics made me want to be in Italy and bite into fresh tomatoes and play board games on warm nights and just have a great time :) x