Monday, 18 February 2013


as of today i'm on maternity leave! baby boy's due date is the 8th march, so not long now.
unfortunately i'm sick with a awful head cold. so i'm feeling pretty yucky. 
i'm unsure how frequently i'll be posting here in the next little while...
i haven't been taking a lot of photos recently and things have been busy for his impending arrival.
but please come back every now and again to check in. i'll miss you all if you don't.
i'm still on instagram, so you can keep up to date through there, if you're interested.


  1. get better soon and enjoy these quiet days before your little one arrives!

  2. You look beautiful with your lovely bump my dear! Hope you get better very soon & enjoy this little time before this life-changing arrival! Don't worry we will check in here regularly!

  3. exciting times - wishing you good health and an easy delivery!

  4. I really like photo with swimming pool.

  5. all the best for your baby delivery!!