Friday 23 March 2012

location, location

these photos are from annecy when we were there at christmas visiting family. now that we're living in sydney, we're really going to
miss visiting regularly. i took these on my old (but new to me) camera, it's a kyocera t zoom and replaces my yashica t4 that died. 

i like to try and be chronological with my posts, even if i'm way behind.. but due to having a bag of films waiting to be developed, it's

a bit of a lucky dip process. chronologically the photos posted here should be in this order - london, annecy, paris, london, singapore,
sydney. but instead i'll be taking you all over the globe - one post may be from annecy, the next from sydney. but hey, let's go with the
flow. enjoy the ride!


  1. thanks Melanie for the trip around the world :)
    The sixth photo is amazing, all are but I just like to look at it ;)

  2. The first photo is superb!
    Have a lovely week-end in Sydney.

  3. lovely shots and lovely light!
    and yes... let's go with the flow :)