Saturday, 16 November 2013

with friends

Polo gave me an afternoon off, he looked after Teddy and i spent a few hours with two of my best friends at the beach, swimming, 
laughing, talking and drinking campari spritz in the hot sun. it was a very fun afternoon and i felt happy and rejuvenated walking 
back to the house. i love my baby, but it's good to have some time apart, it's healthy and it makes me a better mother. well that's 
what i think. any other mum's out there find that?


  1. What a wonderful afternoon! I think you are absolutely correct and I feel the same! Parenting is like any creative project - so much better when you have energy to pour into it. Where does energy come from, especially with not much sleep?! from time to yourself... xxxx

    1. Yes! Polo and I were just talking about this, this week. We're scheduling in a bit more Mel time for me and he likes it as he gets to hang out with Teddy all on their own :) ... I make sure he gets some Polo time too. Hope you three are well, Sunday is gorgeous xxxx