Wednesday, 23 January 2013

strickland house

we're still very much enjoying re-discovering sydney. it's a year since we've been back! hard to believe really. i still miss london, but life 
here is good. i can't complain. 

the other weekend, by chance we discovered strickland house, vaucluse. the outside of the house and it's grounds are beautiful and 
there's even a harbour beach called milk beach within the grounds. the small beach feels quite european... except for the fact that it 
has an amazing view of sydney harbour - the bridge and opera house :)


  1. beautiful - nice find!

  2. wow it's stunning! is the house also open to the public?
    I've lived in Sydney all my life but i feel like I don't explore the city enough. Going to make the effort from now on! :)

  3. Very rarely open to the public so make sure you get there this weekend
    Rotary Club of Rose Bay are running the BBQ