Friday 21 December 2012


i've been busy with work and appointments and friends.. hence the sporadic posts recently.
it was my birthday yesterday! i turned 32. i'm getting old. it was so nice to celebrate it in summer again. 
i've had 5 years of celebrating in winter. i went to the beach with my family and had dinner and mocktails outside with friends. 
it was a beautiful day.

i'm on holidays for a week. it's funny it doesn't really feel like christmas to me this year.. 
maybe i've gotten used to christmas in winter.

have a good weekend everyone.

p.s i am   s t i l l   waiting on my b&w film to be developed. so annoying.


  1. Happy belated birthday!!
    Enjoy Christmas in the sun :)
    Lovely photographs btw!

    1. thanks Anne. Hope you had a nice Xmas. Happy 2013!

  2. happy belated bday! merry christmas!

    1. thanks Barbara. Hope you had a good Xmas and happy New Year!