Friday, 30 November 2012

good food

i've eaten some particularly tasty food recently - husband-made as well as out and about.
pictured: the rose bakery carrot cake - made by the husband. almost as good as the real one!
watermelon and strawberry cake by black star pastry. i had been dying to try this and it was amazing.
gelato from gelato messina - the best gelato in sydney
crossiants made my the husband. he's just about perfected them!

not pictured: we've had delicious meals at rockpool bar and grill with my parents,
dinner with friends at fratelli fresh,
and lunch with maria and her husband at room 10.

so if you're in sydney i'd advise you to try all these places.
do you have any recommendations for me?

photos above from my instagram, you can follow online now as well.