Friday 28 September 2012

biennale of sydney: details


some more shots taken on cockatoo island and the biennale of sydney. i must say, i wasn't blown away by the biennale this year.. 
there were some works that i loved, but i've enjoyed past biennales a lot more. still it's such a treat to visit cockatoo island.

sydney readers - did you visit the biennale this year, what did you think?

p.s Astrid asked me to participate in her why do you shoot film series, click here to take a look. thanks Astrid!


  1. Oh my comment just vanished ;)

    We were also not blown away by it. Some of it was good but some wasn't however the location is just so nice and I enjoyed that a lot. Have a great long weekend..are you guys in sydney?

  2. That first shot, KICK ASS ! Well done lady !

  3. Hi Melanie, nice pics and nice blog!
    I've followed your blog for a while now and i always find good new shots :)

    I also have a photography blog, give a look if you want;