Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A trip to the zoo

On Teddy's actual birthday, we decided to take him to the zoo. Polo took the day off work and it had been a long time since we'd both 
visited. I actually can't remember the last time I went - it was that long ago. Teddy seemed to enjoy it, he really liked the monkeys, 
birds, elephants and giraffe. He seemed generally interested and totally in awe of the animals which was very sweet to witness.

I enjoyed the visit too, but I must say I have mixed emotions about the zoo. It's wonderful seeing animals up close and I do understand 
that zoos are about conservation, Sydney Taronga Zoo is known to be one of the best, but it is a little sad seeing wild animals 

I've got a few more photos to share, but they're on a film I'm yet to get developed - still a few frames left to shoot. 
Gosh i'm slow these days.

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