Tuesday 14 January 2014


well the end of 2013 got away from me and i forgot to visit here and post some more photos. i wasn't the best blogger in 2013... 
i guess i had other things on my mind :)

i've still got some photos to share from our trip. i know it was a while a go now, but i'd still like to show you.

so 2014! i've got some plans, including:

- exercising more
- learning french
- taking a creative class
- taking more photos and blogging more
- getting back into cooking (polo does a lot of it - good husband) and trying new recipes

my maternity leave is coming to an end, i'll be working three days a week come february. so wish me luck in balancing life and trying 
to achieve these plans :)

happy 2014 to everyone, thanks for visiting my blog and your comments.

m xx


  1. I can't get enough of your Annecy shots! The third image is my fave. Meanwhile, all the best with the 'working mum' transition :)

    1. thanks Elize. I start back to work next Tuesday, eeeeep. x

  2. I REALLY want to go there now too! Kellie xx