Tuesday 27 September 2011

welcome to dubrovnik

i'm at home with a cold. boo. i'm hoping looking back at my photos
of our summer holidays will make me feel better.

hope you're well, wherever you are.


  1. hope you're feeling better soon!
    dubrovnik is on my list of places to go.
    it looks gorgeous.

  2. thanks Mary. you should definately go to Croatia. It's breathtakingly beautiful! i've got lots more photos to share.

  3. so many elements i adore... the red roofs, the sea, and the sea with white spots of boats and the sun umbrellas... ah! i love it!

  4. Exactly what I'm looking for right now..sun & sea! Nice pictures! I, now have to put Dubrovnik on my list too ;-) Looks like Italy all those red roofs & little port no?

  5. yes Joana and littlek, you should definitely go and enjoy Dubrovnik!