Tuesday 21 December 2010

gone to visit summer

we're off to sydney for 3 weeks to visit our family and friends,
to have a swim in the ocean, to eat dinner outside,
to bask in the sun - whilst covered in sun lotion.

we can't wait! hopefully the snow in london, won't stop us...
fingers and toes crossed everyone!

so whilst i'm gone, i'm going to give this blog a little rest.
we'll be back in the new year with photos to share.
happy holidays to one and all.

see you soon.

m xx


  1. Oh! Summer in Sydney sounds super right now! Enjoy! And happy birthday!! :-)

  2. oh wow, enjoy!
    and happy birthday!

  3. have a wonderful time, look forward to seeing more of your work :)

  4. happy holidays, enjoy!
    and a lots of joy for the coming year too:)

  5. hi melanie, happy belated birthday and a happy new year to you..I hope you have lots of fun being back in Sydney...let me know if you would like to catch up for a coffee :) have a wonderful time...

  6. Beautiful photo. Enjoy! And enjoy 2011!! :)

  7. I hope you're having fun. Happy New Year :-)