Thursday 9 September 2010

the other weekend in brighton

hello, i'm back.
i really miss New York....
whilst we wait for the films to be developed
i will show you some photos from the last few weeks.
i hope you are all well.
melanie xo


  1. oh i look forward seeing your new york images..those are quiet the one with the reflections in the window...can I ask you which camera you are using..thanks.. : )

  2. welcome back!
    waiting to see your photos.. i have never been in New York.
    one day..

  3. Ah, love these and love them together.

  4. Can't wait to see your NYC pictures !
    I looooooooove the last one !

  5. I'd love to own that Twin picture by Mary Ellen Mark on the first picture! Yours?

  6. glad you're back. I'm just back from London myself.
    I really miss London...

  7. Maria - i'm using a yashica T4. one of my favourites.

    Ida - no not my apartment, it's a friend's beautiful home. it wasn't an actual print, rather an exhibition poster. such a great image!

    Thank everyone for your comments. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos too. I've had such a busy week, haven't been able to pick up the prints yet. will tomorrow and then to scan!

    have a good weekend.


  8. your images make me feel like i am in a movie!
    love, love, love!
    can't wait to see your NYC films!

  9. really looking forward seeing that pics!! this are very pretty btw!

  10. oh i love these. hope you had a good time.