Friday 27 August 2010

bye for now! we're off to new york!

the husband and I are off to new york! yesssss. it will be our first time
visit, so excited. we have become quite the jet-setters i must say, very lucky!

i’ll be away from my little blog for the next two weeks. when i’m back, i’ve got
lots of photos to share. films from london, brighton, prague and of course new york.

if you have any ny recommendations let me know. we’ll be staying in williamsburg.

christine and i plan to meet up, which i'm looking forward to!

see you soon dear friends.

melanie xo


  1. oh wow! off again!
    have fun in new york!
    how exciting!!! say hello to christine for me! I have never met her, but maybe one day!
    I love both of these photos!!!!

  2. whatever you do, do not miss dinner at marlow & sons and a sandwich at saltie. both in w-burg. have a great time!

  3. you take such incredibly lovely photos!

  4. oh how wonderful...have a great time and have fun catching up with Christine...

  5. oh wow! have a fantastic trip!!

  6. oh have a lovely time!! looking forward seeing that photos!

  7. im in awe of your photography!

    just stumbled across your blog and i have to say i LOVE it.

    pls drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other =)


  8. am very much looking forward to seeing your NY pics!

    but what on earth is that crazy looking "food" in the first picture? it looks lethal!

  9. so cool, i am dreaming of NY...never been there.:(

    i just found your blog & wanted to say i love it! looking forward to more more more!

  10. Celine and Maria - it was so nice to meet Christine and her husband who are both super lovely!

    Everyone - NYC was AMAZING. i'd really like to move there one day!!

    Thanks Brian for the tips! the saltie sandwich was delicious. didn't eat at marlow and sons, but did have a great meal at the diner.

    hello lavienouveau, ANNA and Miles of Style - thnaks for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments! please come again.

    famapa - the crazy looking "food" is some form of sweets. weird!!!!