Sunday 18 April 2010

yellow. shadows.


  1. ah shadows yes! so happy they are back again:)

  2. i agree. so happy they are back! it was a beautiful weekend in london town! hope you had good weather too. x

  3. ooh! frames on the side of the road! I have been looking for picture frames lately!
    I am excited for your trip to canada next year! Which part of canada are you going to visit?? It is such a huge country!

  4. Celine: We will be doing a road trip with another couple - she is English and he is Canadian. We're going to do Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Niagara and there's talk of Prince Edward Island too... I've forgotten the other places. we're planning for next May / June. A year away, but still very exciting!! I'll get some tips off you closer to the time, if you don't mind.

    Marion: I like your new profile picture!