Friday, 25 September 2015


And here begins my photos from our recent European holiday! I'm excited to share my film photos on here. I've only had three rolls developed so far - another 10 to go! So no excuses for not updating this old blog.

We started our 4.5 week trip in Paris. We had a really great time and surprisingly we got over jet lag pretty quickly.
We visited old and new places, ate great food, caught up with a few friends and did lots of walking.

I've just realised the top two photos almost fit together exactly! Views from Pompidou - I think some of the best views of Paris. We were lucky enough to catch the last days of a wonderful exhibition on the work of Le Corbusier. We really enjoyed the show and Teddy managed to sleep in his pram the whole time. Win win. 

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  1. so beautiful Mel, I can't wait to see your other photos. It is so great to get the photos back from a long trip as you discover photos you forgot about or can see some you were really waiting to see how they turned out. :) x