Sunday, 24 June 2012


so i took a film to be developed... as i got it out of my bag to give to the shop assistant, it stuck to the magnet clasp of my bag.
this has happened before (i  should be more careful) and i've had a couple of photos come back, that look like there's been a light 
leak. but this film came back - really messed up (it was stuck to the magnet for a few seconds, longer than other films). see the right 
edge of the photos above? more photos with other 'issues' to share in the next few posts...

a side note, do you think raymond gosling is related to ryan gosling? :)


  1. Mel, this is so close to where I live and I take all my little self-portraits in the mirror of the barber's mirror outside :) and every time when I see his name I wonder...are you Ryan's uncle or anything...Let's do ice-cream or Reuben Hills when I am back....or Room 10, which is literal just around the corner:)

  2. Hahaha that's exactly what I thought. I hope Raymond is related to Ryan, and that he reads this and decide to invite us over for diner (too much?). The 'challenged' photos looks super good also, they have character ;)