Monday, 7 March 2011

full stop

lately i've been feeling a little overwhelmed by my blog, or perhaps i'm underwhelmed...
i've always tried to have a new post every two days, however these days i'm finding it a little difficult to meet this deadline. 

i'm feeling a little uninspired and not taking as many photos.

i'm thinking it has something to do with the weather and not getting out and about as much or seeing new things.

as i haven't been that happy with the last few posts, i think it's time to take a little break.

i plan to take more photos, get out more and hopefully welcome spring very soon with fresh eyes.

watch this space. 

back soon dear friends.

m x


  1. I feel same...
    See you soon hopefully

  2. i understand, all too well. enjoy the time away.

  3. look forward to it. enjoy your break!

  4. Enjoy your break! Hopefully it will bring you some good inspirations!!

  5. We all go through this, taking time off usually works, looking forward to seeing more of your images :)

  6. Break can be so good. Enjoy !!

  7. i'll miss your posts but I hope a break will be so restorative & put a bounce back into your step (well eyes). enjoy!

  8. You take such great pictures. The one with the roses is beautiful!
    Hope you enjoy your break :)
    Looking forward to seeing more pictures :)

  9. ou! but i totally understand.. i have been lately thinking a bit the same. sometimes it´s just needed to have breaks, shorter or longer ones.
    i will keep my eye on this space here!
    have a beautiful days, and cu*

  10. Have fun and enjoy your break just be sure to post your adventures. Looking forward to your post. XO

  11. just checking in. miss your posts!

  12. thanks everyone... i'm just finishing off a third roll of film and will have them developed on the weekend.. then i think i'll be ready to share again. hope you're all well! x